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Benchmarkhardware is a private entity, therefore the use of the forum is governed by certain standards that are to be fulfilled. The fact that someone does not read the rules of the forum does not exempt them from compliance, therefore, if a user does not comply with the rules will be warned. The user who is recidivist in skipping the rules or fails to comply with a serious one, will be expelled from the community.

Rules for a good use of the forum

Do not resuscitate old themes, a post with 4 months without activity, is an old post. (Necroposting)

The writing of the post and comments have to be clear, this is a forum, not a chat or Whatsapp or Twitter, a good publication with several lines and paragraphs allows a better reading for all and obviously a good spelling by the users will allow understand each other better (Flood)

It is not allowed to respond 2 consecutive times in the same post. If you want to add more information in the post and nobody has responded, use the option to edit. (Double-Post)

The publicity of external sites that do not belong to the content of our community is not allowed, including other projects that have the same relation of our theme and that compete directly with us. (Spam)

Users can have a signature on their profile, it can not be an exaggerated size and the color of the text can not be bright, anything, so as not to disturb the reading of the publications to other users.

Postead in the correct forum; We have several sections and categories for different types of topics, so before creating a topic, always check if there is a specific forum for what you are going to create. In any case if the post is created in the wrong place, the moderation will report to the creator and move the subject to the corresponding place, if a user is a repeat offender in this aspect will be given a warning.

Do not deviate the theme of the thread, if the main topic of what was being discussed begins to be distorted, the post will lose its meaning; If new topics to be discussed in a post, the ideal is to move it to a new post.

Do not publish your private information, phone numbers, emails ... on the internet circulate both bots collecting information to be sold as people who can annoy or perform illegalities with your data.

Forums and Support topics

Support is not allowed by private in relation to doubts, except that it has relation with the operation of the forum, for it contact with moderation. For questions of hardware or particular issues, you can only give support in the corresponding forums, where the whole community can help and where there will be proof of the solution, which can help more people in the future. If a user supports privately, report it.

Be patient, do not expect your issues to be answered immediately, the whole community has a life apart from the forum and more specifically the Benchmarkhardware Staff, which has no obligation.

To err is human, if the solution given to a problem was not the right one, do not get angry, it is very difficult to solve computer problems without being in front of a computer, apart it is done altruistically, for that reason the more information you give to the community it will be easier for us to help you ..

The titles of the topics have to be clear and give as much information as possible. Titles like "Help" or "I have a problem" will only cause fewer users to enter the particular post due to the lack of title information.

Do not use issues of other problems to solve your problems, even if they seem too much, you will only cause the subject to lie and create confusion; This message will be edited and warned the user of this bad practice.

Always put on your part, if you have an installation problem, usually all electronic product brings a manual, read it, surely solve the problem or at least understand better the explanation of the community.

Behavior and Coexistence

Benchmarkhardware does NOT support toxic attitudes, so you have to be kind to the whole community at all times; Disrespect or rises will be severely punished.

Using capital letters well, writing in capital letters is synonymous with shouting and you do not have to scream for life.

Discussions or comments on politics, religion, rejection comments to any social group, pornographic content publications, mistreatment or in the process there is an illegal action are not allowed.

We DO NOT support piracy, any link to a pirated download or the induction to perform such action will be moderate.