HiCookie en NeoByte Barcelona – Entrevista

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Hello HiCookie, welcome back to Spain.
1. Real Name?
2. Country of birth?
3. Age?
4. Marital status?
5. Hours spent in a day for OC?
6. PC or Console?
7. A color?
8. Liters of Ln2 employee in your life / every day / exhibition?
9. The record you remember more dearly

Deeper Interview:
1. First of all, something that I imagine many people has asked, What is the reason of this peculiar name (HiCookie)?

2. As you explained before you have been spent 8 years professionally dedicated to the world of overclocking, how was the beginning? How do you remember that time in your life?

3. Many people call attention to overclocking and would like to start, but are lost and afraid of breaking something. What advice would you give to all this new generation who are starting or thinking about it?

4. As enthusiastic and good knowledge of the brand, what is offering GIGABYTE in their OC products?

5. What can you tell us about the new GIGABYTE Z87OC. What are their most attractive features and why?

6. When you do OC to a CPU, which one is the goal you are looking for? performance? or, just the highest frequency?

7. With PCUs are you more comfortable working on? AMD or Intel?

8. Under your experience, which I7 is the one you prefer for overclocking? And which one has given you more frequency? Sandy, Ivy or Hanswell??